Sukraja's Customer Testimonials

OK my name is Roy and I can tell you I've been taking that Urogenital Tune-Up for about a month. And I've had tremendous results particularly I think from the Ayurstate but from the other products as well. But to talk about the Ayurstate, I've had significant differences in the way I feel when I'm urinating. Number 1 I feel much better flow. It doesn't ... I don't feel it like I used to - it just goes. It's strong and it's powerful! I don't get up early in the morning ... 4:30, 5 o'clock in the morning I'd usually get up and go to the bathroom. I don't have to do that anymore which is really quite nice!

And so I get better sleep as a result of it. I think that may also be due to the Ayurtox that I take in this whole tune-up is the fact that I am getting better sleep because a lot of the bad toxins in my body seem to be going away. And also my wife has noticed that I have a marked increase in wanting to have sex. I'm 44 years old so you know when you're 44 - it's part of the aging process - I am not 18 anymore but I feel 18. And that's really kinda cool! So I love the products and you're welcome to use me as a reference. Send me an email I'll forward any information you want to any of your perspective clients and tell them how great I think the products are.

Roy (age 44) - Singapore

Hello, my name is Derek and I want to leave a testimonial about the Sukraja that I have been taking for about 7 months now. I had low sperm count and had fertility problems and I was informed which obviously that western medicine helped me a lot. But as I continued taking this Sukraja, I pretty much feel it immediately and my sperm count increased, my testosterone levels increased and I really feel good about myself and I am true believer in it. It works really well and because I don't like taking western medicine at all, I know it can give too much problems. I really like the natural remedy that Sukraja offers as an alternative so if you have a problem like I do, I recommend this product very much. I continue taking it and I'm about to order some now. A very good product, it is very beneficial for those, like I've said who have problems like me, and I highly, highly recommend it.

Thank you.

Derek Henderson - USA

Hi, this is Will, I am a 58 year old man. Sometime ago, symptoms of pain in my lower extremities led me to an examination which indicated at least Benign Prostate Hyperplasia and also elevated PSA levels.

As an alternative to the medications, conventional medication which were prescribed and researched and found India Herbs, and began a program of the Men's Urogenital health with the center piece of Ayurstate. Then four months on this, the symptoms effectively have disappeared, and I am re-ordering now and would highly recommend this products to any man, who has concern over his overall prostate and urogenital health. Thanks for listening, Goodbye.

William (age 58) - Milano, Italy

Hello, It's Robert. I have been taking Sukraja for 3 years now and I have been suffering from fatigue, lack of sexual desire, low sperm count, and low sperm motility.

It is the only herbal supplement that has worked for me and my fatigue is gone, and I have the ability to get an erection at any time, especially in the morning.

I recommend Sukraja to all men who wish to maximize the pleasure in their sex life.

Thank you.

Robert S.

My name is Michael. I started taking the Sukraja and I discovered that it really did help my libido, which was my main problem. It also helped erections but libido was my main problem. I definitely noticed the difference after a couple of months. Now, I am going to continue and try Kama Raja for the next six months. Thank you.

Michael M (age 61) - Canada

Hi, Good Day. This is Sylvester. Living in the United States. I bought the Ayurstate, the Kama Raja and the Sukraja and all three products are very very good. Before I started using it I have problems with my prostate. The products are excellent. I will recommend anyone for these products. This is not a joke testimony and I'm telling you exactly how it works for me. Very good. Actually I just reordered. I just made an order and reordered more stuff. The same set I ordered I reordered it plus two other sets, the detox and the Cardiofy for the heart and Yogic Slim. Since these products are so good I ordered more other stuffs to check it out and as always give a testimonial on the other stuffs when I try it. But so far, it's very very good. I'll recommend anyone to get it. So thanks a lot and I'll keep you all informed or you could give me a call putting in to this testimonial. Thank you and Bye.

Sylvester (age 52) - New York, USA

Ya I'm Dharmendra speaking from Doha, Qatar. Regarding I was having a problem of sperm count and the mortality. And I was depressed and I was doing medicine for 3 years. None of the medicine helped me. Then suddenly i went in the computer and I check on the site for mortality improvement and the sperm count increment. And I found the Sukraja and the Kama Raja. Then I ordered the medicine from Singapore and it helped me. After taking it for 1 month, my sperm count increased to 26 millions, before it was only 4 millions. And while taking this Sukraja and Kama raja, I have no side effects. And it is very good supplement and I have a 6-month course and I believe it will improve my mortality also. And it is very good medicine I have found. It is totally herbal so there is no side effect from Sukraja or Kama Raja. Very good supplement. Thank you very much and I am very happy with these two medicines. Thank you.

Dharmendra - Doha, Qatar

Hi, my name is Robert. I have been using Sukraja for about three and the half years. And it cured my low sex drive and erectile dysfunction that I was having. And it actually tripled my semen output within two weeks.

It's the best herbal supplement I have ever used compared to the one of the many American supplements that you can find online that I think could waste the money. I have been using it for a while and I always re-order before it runs out because my sex life will not be the same without it. So, I'll recommend it to everybody, and I wish you guys luck. Thanks.

Robert (age 34) - California, USA

Kama Raja and Sukraja customer since 2007:

Yeah my name is Robert. Just started using Sukraja. Been feeling really fatigued and tired when I wake up. And I take it in the morning and I take it mid-day. Sometimes I'll take one before bed. And the energizing effect is amazing! Boosts sexual function and libido and sperm count. It's the best supplement out there. Nothing in America can touch it! That's why I keep ordering from India Herbs. Good luck with your progress and I know I'll be a lifelong customer. Thank you.

Robert (age 33) - California, USA

Hi, this is Pete. I have been taking Sukraja for only few months, and I did it because I'm helping a friend trying to get pregnant. I'm actually a sperm donor.

And the doctor said, if I were around more often, he would want me to be a regular contributor, because this product is really great to increase my sperm count and hopefully going get my friend pregnant. So, wish me luck and it's been very good so far. So thanks very much. Bye bye.

Peter (age 37) - District of Columbia, USA

Hi, my name is Maureen. This is my third time I am ordering Sukraja at India Herbs. I am buying it for my younger brother who is having low sperm count.

From his testimony, he said it's very good for him and the doctor said his sperm count is going up. Before I get up to five boxes of it, by the end of this year, there will be a miracle and the wife will be pregnant. Thank you, God bless you! Bye bye.

Sister: Maureen (age 40) - California, USA

My name is Orson. I order Sukraja and it works quite well, I was surprised, and the amazing result that i got after just one month, and ah...I am very happy with the product. I hope that other individual would continue to become other, you know...customer along with the products that you provide. Thank you very much.

Orson (age 35) - New York, USA

Oh ya, my name is Ryan. I've been using Sukraja for one month and just want let you guys know Definitely know the difference in drive and performance. It definitely makes a difference, ah..even after one month that you guys say for, but the..definitely know it something, good stuff! Alright, Thanks alot.

Ryan (age 23) - California, USA

Hello, my name is Gregory. I've been using this product for only one month, and I used it because of low sperm count, semen count, and I can say with ensurelity that after two weeks, my sperm count and ejaculation has increased. It definitely knows its work, and that's only two weeks. Thank you very much, Bye bye!

Gregory (age 53) - Alabama, USA

Please kindly be patient and read through. When my docto told me that I have low sperm count and high sperm mortality rate. I was placed on drugs which went on for months but there was no significant improvement. I was worried but remained hopeful. I didn't want to give up. I then came across Raj of india-herbs when I was searching for possible means on the internet. He referred me to Favour who is based in Lagos, Nigeria. Though I live in Nigeria, I am from another city.

I flew down from Port Harcourt to meet her in Lagos. At first, I was scared due to my perception of local herbal drugs in Nigeria. Some of them have poor reputation.

But when I met her, my feelings changed. Maybe it was because of the environment or perhaps she is very educated. I couldn't tell but my confidence for the herbal drugs were restored. Favour advised me that for effective results, I have to be on the drug (SUKRAJA) for four months and avoid certain food within that time frame before going for medical test. Surprisingly I was on the second month of the drug (SUKRAJA), when I noticed changes in my sperm. Previously, it was watery and now it is very thick and clumpy. Immediately I wrote to Raj which he referred me to Dr Bhandari.

Dr Bhandari assured me that it is normal, by then I was in the second week of the third box of Sukraja. From that point onwards by the special grace of Almighty God, I am very happy to announce that my wife is in her 10th week of her pregnancy. My doctor has confirmed me again and again.

I wish to thank all members of the India Herbs team/family that God has used you people to end my two years of childlessness.

Frank O Rogers - Lagos, Nigeria

Subject: Request for Ayurveda Doctor Consultation Enquiry

I had a problem with infertility related to too little semen production. My problem was corrected through 6-month treatment with Sukraja male potency tablets. Thanks To Ayurveda herbal treatment.

Now my problem is that my semen is more "Milky White" - Other variables like motility, morphology, volume, Ph, and others have been confirmed to be good and normal in a lab.

Normal semen would however leave a stain on white sheets - A stain like that of black tea! What could be the problem in my case?

I am 52 and after treatment as mentioned above, my wife has finally conceived. Thanks for that.

Josephat (age 52) - Nairobi, Kenya

Translated from Spanish Transcription:

For a while I was looking for natural nutrients options to improve my performance, however all products tested before for me, left me a burning sensation in the stomach by aggressive components so had to discontinue their use.

Sukraja is the best choice I've found for what was I looking for, since from the beginning I saw that my energy increased and even keeps the mind more alert. When you are observing the changes produced by sukraja you will discover that you receive more benefits to your body and mind.

Thanks to Indian herbs for developing that important herbal product.

Alberto (age 42) - Louisiana, USA